Yoga Instructor

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Oracle Wellness operates on a flexible work modelEmployee will be an Independent Contractor.

Once a month, the team will have a mandatory team meeting for one hour.

 This role is currently very part-time, with 1-5 hours each week. This may change as Oracle Wellness grows. 

You must be able available to teach during the day on most days given enough notice.


Your Experience 

  • 5+ years as a yoga teacher or teacher of health related field

  • Proficient in online and in-person communication in a professional setting

  • 3+ years in the field of wellness and health

  • Experience in business and marketing is a plus


Your Qualities 

  • Relationship Management - You are able to build connections and positive relationships with others.

  • Teach - You feel confidence teaching in front of small and large groups, and can cater to the needs of the audience

  • Clarity -  You adjust your communication towards your audience, use simple communications, and ask questions to gauge your audience's understanding

  • Proactive - You thrive in an independent environment where you are given the space to be proactive and creative, and you don’t rely on others before moving forward with a task, project, or focus

  • Organized - You are organized with a strong attention to detail and accuracy; excellent follow-through skills

  • Passionate - You have a passion and love for wellness and improving others health

  • Adaptable - You do well in an unpredictable and ambiguous work environment. You are proactive in defining uncertainty and solving for missing pieces

  • Reliable - Can depend on your showing up when you say you will, and hold yourself accountable 


Compensation, Benefits, Perks

  • We thrive when you feel loved and appreciated. 

  • Compensation: Starting at $30 per onsite class

  • Benefits & Perks:

  • Flexible Work Schedule 

  • Free tea and coffee at meetings 

  • Unlimited sick time for when you need to take care of your physical or mental health

  • Screen-free week in May

  • Yearly Employee Wellness Retreat (Families are welcome) 

  • Team hangouts and events 

  • Free Yoga and Wellness Classes

  • Professional development opportunities

Oracle Wellness provides Workplace Wellness,  Retreats, and Classes to Gainesville and the surrounding areas. We unify our customer's with wellness tools to help their employees thrive.

We help these organizations adopt health and wellness best practices to promote optimal health, safety, and productivity.


Our employees are what make the difference. We’re looking for a unique individual who will dive right in, develop deep empathy for our clients, and accelerate Oracle's growth!

Oracle Wellness LLC is an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive and equitable environment for all employees. So, however you identify and whatever background you bring with you, if you think you’d drive value in this position, please apply.


Oracle Wellness defines Culture as the medicine that connects our insightful teachers together. Like many company, we have an acronym that conveys the most important aspects of the culture we strive to have. 

Willingness: Am I eager and determined to uplift the situation presented in front of me? Am I willing to learn and grow? 

Integrity: Am I being honest with myself and others? 

Service: Am I serving my higher self and the clients of Oracle Wellness with authenticity? 

Energy: Am I committed to ambitiously direct my energy towards what I love? Am I enthusiastically showing up? 

This acronym is only as useful as the practical actions put behind it.  Every person at Oracle Wellness will face challenges, the most important quality is a commitment to work through those challenges with WISEdom. 

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