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What is Digital Wellness?

Digital Wellness, as defined by the Digital Wellness Institute, is a way of life, while using technology that promotes optimal health and well-being in which body, mind, and spirit are integrated by the individual to live more fully within the human, natural, and digital world.

Why is it important for our youth? 

71% of parents of a child under the age of 12 say they are at least somewhat concerned their child might ever spend too much time in front of screens, including 31% who are very concerned about this, according to Pew Research. 

Our youth are more connected than ever, and how to use these devices is minimally taught or exemplified to children. Excess Screen-time can be connected to issues or circumstances related to: 

Mental Health

Emotional Health 

Physical Health 

Social Health 



and More... 

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Meet Our Digital Wellness Specialist 

Professional Digital Wellness Educator & Yoga Teacher, Melissa Baker 

After being addicted to screen time as a teenager, and overwhelmed with it in college, her view drastically shifted after a year of moving from an iPhone to a flip phone in 2015. Since then, her awareness around screens, and the effects it has on various aspects of health, empowered her to change her life, and guide others to shift their digital habits. Melissa is passionate about catering presentations and workshops to meet the needs of your school in order to help kids develop a healthy relationship with their inner and outer technology. 


Digital Wellness Presentations

In Classroom (5-30 Kids): $150/Hour

Multiple Classes/Grades (30+): $250/Hour

School Yoga Classes

5-25 Kids

 Four Sessions: $75 for 45 minute class

Eight Sessions: $60 for 45 min. class 

Teacher Yoga Classes

Per Class 

Four Sessions: