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We Research, Assess, Reimagine
Breathe, Redefine, Collaborate,
Renew, and Evaluate


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- Customizable wellness programs 
- Services range from on-call wellness coordinator to weekly wellness classes
- We cater to your goals and vision

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- Expert teachers come to your conference
- Keep attendees energized & engaged
- Build connection and retention among attendees 


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- Comprehensive and customizable
- Add wellness to your annual meeting or create your own company retreat
- Personalized planning of events, workshops, and excursions




Connection to Your Team

Because of the rapid increase in online work and communication, it is imperative that we recognize that we are connected, we are together, we are a team

Wellness Isn't Scary

Many people think they have to make 100 changes to be "healthy." What if you could be who you are and not have to change anything for a day or weekend retreat?
We believe in people showing up as they are and retreating to see their work with new clarity.  

Digital Wellness and Balance

The more time we spend on a screen, the more sedentary & disconnected we become. At Oracle Wellness, we believe in teaching ancient technology, such as yoga and meditation to improve our awareness around screens at work and home. 

Improve Productivity

Employee wellness can improve our physical and mental agility. At our workshops and retreats, we empower individuals to do what works for them, and provide many resources to increase productivity and health



"I would highly recommend this retreat to my friends with or without yoga experience. The weekend addresses all aspects of self care, physical (exercise and diet), mental and spiritual. The facilitator lead a very open-minded participant group and eased into the process. I left the retreat with a relaxed body, peaceful and focused mind, and positive energy to share."

— Ying Xu, Wellness Retreat in Florida

"Wonderful retreat! So much positive energy, connection and healing. Food was wonderful and all of the teachers/instructors were so knowledgeable and welcoming."

- Julie-Anne Corda, Wellness Retreat in Florida

" Melissa introduced me to my first cup of cacao while sitting in a circle of women at the start of a women's retreat at Oracle Institute. It was a bonding ritual that opened the heart center into the awareness of our feminine power. Thank you, Melissa, for helping to create that circle of unbounded sisterhood." NG

- Nancy Graham, Women's Retreat in Virginia









We begin with a free consultation with your company. Then, we provide an assessment of leadership and employees on your current wellness state and vision of where you'd like to go.

Oracle Wellness creates a customized plan for your workplace, and helps your company implement your vision. This can include wellness culture shifts, classes with expert teachers, Digital Wellness and more.

Oracle Wellness consistently and clearly communicates with your team to ensure what is being implemented is effective. We evaluate at every step of the way.

We continuously make changes to the wellness program to ensure its success in your organization. We hold leaders accountable, provide ongoing data, and create long-term change in your companies wellness. 

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